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What is Financial Planning?

At its core, a financial plan accounts for your sources of income and creates the means to meet your immediate needs and achieve your future goals. Financial planning is a broad term for a process that incorporates multiple financial tools and strategies in alignment with your objectives. In general, a financial plan will focus on solutions that:

  • minimize risk,

  • maximize return,

  • protect accumulated wealth,

  • leverage assets,

  • receive favorable tax-treatment during accumulation and distribution.

Your financial goals can be short, mid, or long-term. For instance, you may want to explore advantaged ways to pay for college tuition for a child that will begin college in a few years. Or you may want to begin to prepare for retirement ten or fifteen years out. Financial planning can begin at any stage in your earning years. It is also important to recognize that your financial plan is not a static document, rather a living process that will grow and adapt with your life changes.

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