• Joshua Stubbolo

Getting Involved with your Community

Have you been wondering how to fill all of your extra time now that you are working from home? Don't stress because there are so many ways to get involved! Below are three ways for you to get involved with your community.

Volunteering in the Community

There are so many volunteering opportunities with local philanthropies. Here at Family Legacy, every employee has a local organization that they are involved with outside of the work day. Here are a couple that our employees love and that you could get involved with:

Getting Involved with Local Government

Do you want to help the betterment of the community? Wake County has a ton of opportunities for you to get involved without having too big of a time commitment. Right now, the three main opportunities are becoming a Precinct Official, assisting voters with absentee ballots, and conducting a voter registration drive! All of these opportunities can be found on the Wake County Government website.

Service Raleigh

Service Raleigh is an "annual citywide day of service started in 1998 by NC State's Student Government and Park Scholars. Each year, volunteers from the university and surrounding community unite to undertake a variety of projects, each of which provides much-needed assistance to local organizations. Service Raleigh is funded by the Park Foundation, the Goodnight Scholars Program, Student Government, Inter-Residence Council and local donors." If you are interested in participating, check out their website!

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