Our Tech Integrations

Technology has enhanced the way Financial Advisors operate. We take pride in our transparency and want to show you how we integrate technology into each of our member’s experience. When we use the term member, we use it in a very specific manner. At Family Legacy, we have replaced the term “client” for the term “member” because we treat our interactions with an intent to build a relationship rather than simply transact business.

Here is a list with the technologies we use to elevate the level of service we provide our members.


This is the mothership. We use this platform as our CRM to keep track of all pertinent information for both prospective members and members. RedTail connects with all of the other technologies so that we are not constantly inputting the same data over and over again. We are constantly updating this platform to make sure all member information is relevant and accurate. Why the name? The owners made their Golden Retriever, Tucker-Me-Out McLaughlin the company mascot. Employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work and we appreciate that!


This is our financial plan building software. We started using this a few years ago because it takes into consideration so many different factors of a financial plan. The interactive tools also allow prospective members and members to log in themselves and play with some data. RightCapital tools can account for retirement, education, insurance planning, social security, Medicare, budgeting/debt, and will even link bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts to keep track daily. This is a staple in our financial planning process and is used ongoing as goals change and life happens.


This one is relatively new. We recently added RiskAlyze to our TechStack because we loved how it assessed an individual’s risk tolerance. Although we also have our members go through our own risk tolerance, which is more based on behavior, RiskAlyze will give individuals a “risk score” and then assess if their portfolios match up. They also keep individual stocks and funds up to date with ongoing risk score calculations.


We use Canva as our graphic design platform to create visual content for our website and social media. It also allows us to automate our social media posts and plan how we want to post and to which platforms.


Just a year ago, we were collecting prospective member data by hand. We would go through our planning process and it would start with an introduction meeting where we would obtain all pertinent information. With this platform, we can send out a virtual fact finder to collect all the information prior to the meeting so that we can have deeper discussions in those meetings. PreciseFP also integrates with Schwab, RightCapital, and RedTail.


This is our most recent addition. Now that we are our own independent RIA, we chose Charles Schwab as our custodian and trading platform. We have been very pleased with their help in our transition process as it seemed very daunting at first to transfer over $65 million in assets. They have extensive research and analyst reports

Also, we utilize the following additional technologies to offer our comprehensive services.

· MailChimp

· Wix

· SmartRIA

· Pulse360

· Sharepoint

· DocuSign

· BlackDiamond

· YourFolio

· Office365

· Simplii

· Smarsh

· Anchor

· iMovie

· Stamps.com

We utilize all of these tools to, not only make our jobs easier, but also to provide you the member with the best service we can provide.

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