Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes us different from other financial firms?

We offer a comprehensive approach, covering the entire breadth of a financial plan across a range of services and goals. Focused on all the goals of a client to help create a custom approach that takes in the best interest of the client to help achieve their financial goals. There is no one-size-fits-all plan for any client at our firm. 

2. Are we a legal fiduciary?

Yes, we are! We act as legal fiduciaries by acting in the best interest of the clients above our own needs. 

3. What is our concierge-level client services?

We pride ourselves on understanding the wants and needs of a client to create a plan to best meet their goals. As a result, there is not much that we will not do to help you make the best decisions for your situation. For example, we will go with you to negotiate the price of a car, meet with your estate attorney, meeting with your extended family for comprehensive estate planning, and much more – all while keeping a focus on the goals, wants, and needs that are most important to you! 

4. What is a dual-advisor strategy?

We want to serve our clients in an educational and empowering way to make the best decisions for their finances. By using a dual-advisor strategy, we can help you make these decisions in real-time while also making sure you are aware and onboard with every decision made!

5. Who do we work with?

Outside of our firm, we work with estate attorneys, CPA’s, tax advisors, funeral homes, car salesforce, doctors, lawyers, relators, injury lawyers – the list is endless! In addition to our existing network, we are happy to accompany you in your meetings with any of the previously listed or other service providers that impact you financially.  

6. How are we compensated?

Our financial advisors charge an annual fee that is a small percentage of the amount of money that they manage for a client. In our firm, we utilize a break point fee structure that is based on your annual invested amount. This fee structure is used to aligned our interest with yours, so our advisors benefit more as you. We also may charge an annual planning fee for clients under a certain annual invested amount.

7. What are your minimum requirements for accepting new clients?

From a monetary perspective, there are no minimum requirements for new clients. We are happy to help anyone looking for answers to their financial questions. For anyone bring less than $250,000 to manage, we charge an annual flat fee of $500. 

8. How often do you reevaluate my plan/investments?

We are evaluating investments on an ongoing, daily basis for the overall performance. Client specific plans are reevaluated monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, as well as when needed for client determined reasons. 

9. What happens if the person I work with leaves the firm?

Our clients always have the right to select who they want to work with as their primary financial advisor. If your advisor leaves the firm, all clients are welcome to stay with the firm and we will do everything possible to help the client find a new advisor that aligns with the client’s best interest.  

10. Can you help me with my taxes?

Yes! We are happy to help you with your taxes through services such as tax strategies, tax harvesting, and cost-basis analysis. However, we do not complete the official filing. 

11. How do I get to your office?

We are located at 1000 Centregreen Way, Suite 190 – Cary, NC 27513.


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